Since our foundation in 1998, Landmark has built its reputation on being a solid and responsible company. Ethically, we are focused on four fundamental principles:



Being responsible demands reliability in the way that we manage and develop Health & Safety within the workplace. It also includes the delivery of projects to customer expectations and programmes.

Being responsible also requires us to be fully aware of changing legislation and ensuring that all of our work is compliant with the latest statuary requirements.

Equality & Diversity:

Across the construction industry, multi-ethnic operatives are to be found undertaking roles from trainees through to senior management. Our business thrives on this and we strive to provide a working environment where everyone, irrespective of cultural origins and gender, feels valued, respected and able to happily work and contribute well without prejudice.

Business Ethics:

Landmark often communicate with and participate in meetings with clients and suppliers during tendering, post award of contracts and day-to-day business. Throughout our business, we are focused on ensuring that we always act in a moral, ethical and legal way and never compromise ourselves or others by our actions.

Environment & Sustainability:

Landmark is committed to sustainability and minimising our impact on the environment. To help achieve this, we have detailed environmental policies in place which plays an essential role in the governance of our operations. Working towards ISO 14001.