As a business that specialises in Civil Engineering, Ground Works and Construction, we routinely manage the environmental protection requirements encountered on the various projects that we undertake. However, it goes beyond that; from our Directors to Senior Business Managers and down to Site Workers, we take our responsibility to the environment in which we work very seriously.

We work with our customers and produce a site-specific project management plan which incorporates all of the known environmental matters, including client-specific, statutory and project-specific requirements.

Whether it’s contamination of soil or ground water, or simply to those in the vicinity of our work, we have detailed processes in place to avoid potential unplanned environmental incidents occurring in our workplace. To achieve this, our Project Managers and Supervisors monitor all aspects of our construction work and waste management to ensure that our work and processes have no environmental impact on our surroundings.

All of our work is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, and often, our employees help us to exceed this regulatory standard.

Landmark’s commitment to the environment includes:

• All timber purchased from sustainable and traceable sources

• Strict process to manage site waste

• Ongoing pollution prevention training for all site workers

• Working towards ISO 45001 & 14001